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Explode your Growth through Chatbot Marketing

As technology becomes more pervasive in society, it’s becoming evident that South Africa is fast embracing the world’s technological paradigm shift. Many SA businesses are finding a lot of success by implementing new forms of technology, particularly in the areas of chatbots and automated messaging. Talk to any entrepreneur today and they’ll tell you that navigating technological evolutions is among their greatest challenges– but for us, it’s also an exciting opportunity for our products to impact even more people around the globe.

Increasingly, SA consumers are purchasing products through automated methods. This means that instead of engaging with humans, they’re communicating with services like chatbots which used to be seen as unprofessional but recently have been introduced as a more efficient—and more reliable method for communication between service providers and consumers.

The increasing rate at which many South African companies have been networking with their customers through the use of technology has seen a rise in the helpfulness of services like chatbots and automated messages in sectors such as fast food, automotive, pay TV and insurance.

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