Build a connection, promote your brand and/or product and service and communicate with your audience in real time

WhatsApp Marketing

When it comes to marketing and developing your business, thinking outside the box is important to achieving much-needed success. Did you know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook? Did you also know that WhatsApp has 2.4 billion users worldwide?

With such impressive figures at hand, wouldn’t you find it surprising that 41% of people spend up to 5 hours using WhatsApp on a daily basis? It’s no secret that so many people are on the app, so now more than ever it’s time for marketers to leverage their own WhatsApp marketing strategy.

WhatsApp marketing is a novel way of marketing your products and engaging with your audience through the popular messaging application “WhatsApp.” We use WhatsApp throughout our day on a regular basis to contact friends and family. Thus, when you market your products through this medium and respond to queries from consumers regarding your products, it becomes the most personalized form of communication as well as evident it will be very effective in generating sales for your business.

Our Build Process


Together we’ll discuss your design and functionality requirements.


We offer you a bespoke build or an option to choose from our high converting templates.  We will use our expertise to find the best build to suit your needs.


Once we receive your sign off, we start work immediately.  You receive constant updates on the progress of your build.  Even if you change your mind during the build phase we will happily accommodate these, no questions asked.

Go Live!

We now take this creation into the world and watch your brand and revenue grow.