Our Story

Dessie Pic

In June 2018. Dessie Moonsamy started a digital marketing, web and app design agency. The focus was primarily on larger corporate clients, but subsequently,  created an engaging conversational marketing tool for small and medium enterprises.  The tool was designed to provide seamless communication between brand and client.  It gave the SME’s owners who lacked the resources of their larger competitors access to technology that empowered them and helped them grow in the fierce world of online.

 Our founder spent over 25 years in the sales and marketing environment for large corporates of which 90% of that time was spent growing SME’s and understanding their DNA.  In understanding the values and challenges of the small enterprises, he embarked on a mission to find and develop tools to help small businesses communicate, engage and convert clients into sales.

In the past 3 years we have launched a WhatsApp version of our chatbot,  payment functionality within a bot conversation via stripe and an array of integrations into Zapier, Hubspot and Google Analytics.  We help you apply for your WhatsApp Business API and while the application is in the approval process we build your chatbot.  This helps save time and allows you to implement your bespoke solution timeously.

DLTM has evolved into a digital growth agency through the service we have provided to 20 local and multinational brands.  We are forever thankful.

We believe that in providing value first together we can grow.


Our Customers

In Partnership with like-minded growth entrepreneurs being The Ultimate Brand Experience, the incentive company and Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory we have delivered amazing customer engagement tools.  Below are some of the brands we have worked with.