Business Development

360 degree analysis of organisations to create long term value. Evaluation of business processes, markets, customers and business relationships. Collectively creating focussed strategies to grow the organisation.

Business Growth

Development of strategies to create value proposition, competition management, identify new customer and customer base management, new revenue streams, staff management and optimization of business partners performance management and business relationships.

Revenue Growth

Development of sales and customer retention strategies. Focussing on selling techniques and customer service processes.

Customer relationship management Strategy

Development of CRM strategies that best suit the organisation. Customer prioritisation and loyalty programs and evaluation and improvement strategies.

Design and Development

Automation of processes and procedures that increase organisations productivity. Simple and effective customer friendly solutions.

Market and Trend Analysis

Extensive market research, competitor and trends analysis of the organisation’s specific industry. Providing effective tools and methodologies to enable strategic growth.

Marketing and Sales Operations

Marketing and Promotional activities to strengthen the company brand in the heart of their customers. Defining sales methodologies best suited to the organisation.

Sales and Staff Incentives

Creation of sales channel incentives and staff reward and recognition programmes. Improving on performance and tackling the challenges of staff motivation and turnover.